You Keep Saying that Word…

For the twenty-four hours that is May 9, 2017, Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) will join around 200 other organizations in southwest Missouri for “Give Ozarks Day” — a one-day, social media-based, fundraising blitz.

Some of the organizations have incredibly heart-warming needs:

Give to Camp Barnabas and help repair their pool for their 2,000 summer campers.

Give to Care to Learn and immediately impact a child with hunger, health, and hygiene needs.

Give to Habitat for Humanity and repair a roof.

Truly humbling needs which tug at the heart strings, all of which call for immediate and generous gifts.

The Ozarks Literacy Council is trying to raise funds to build our endowment. Which sounds horribly dry and boring compared to a pool party, feeding the hungry, and keeping a home free of rain.

There is absolutely nothing about the word “endowment” that tugs at your heart. They do not make Disney movies about funding endowments.

OLC is adding to our endowment with our eyes toward future generations of readers. Private reading tutors can cost upwards of $50 per hour. OLC provides one-on-one tutoring for free. Our vision is to unlock the life-changing power of literacy for every child, for every adult, that they may be confident as they engage this word-driven world. We don’t want financial constraints to hinder someone in need of help.

Since 1968, OLC’s ongoing mission is to provide all of our literacy tutoring and services for free for anyone willing to put in the time and work in growing their literacy skills.

OLC is adding to our endowment to ensure the long-term sustainability of our organization. As we begin plans for our 50th anniversary in November 2018, we want to be sure to continue to grow readers for another 50 years.

OLC is also adding to our endowment to create safe space to fuel innovation in literacy education as we continue to expand our services. On a daily basis, we wrestle with how best to train tutors and teach those who struggle with low literacy. Innovation comes in whispers and insights as we dream and discuss long term strategies and ideas.

In 1998, the Los Angeles Times wrote, “No skill is more crucial to the future of a child than literacy.”

On May 9, would you help us grow future readers?

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