Literacy Changes Lives!

The Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) promotes literacy awareness by strategically placing books in the hands of children who need them most and by engaging the community at local events. Making the OLC’s presence known throughout the Ozarks emphasizes the importance of literacy not just for children but for everyone. Whether it’s simply reading books to children at a community event or being an active participant in the united way’s day of caring, the OLC strives to make every person a reader.


The Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) offers free one-to-one, curriculum-based reading tutoring for adults and school-age children.

Our one-to-one tutoring program utilizes individual tutoring. It’s just you, the tutor, and your goals. Tutoring sessions focus on the unique needs of each reader. Whether your goal is to be able to read a book to your children, get to grade level in reading or improve your reading skills to enter a HISET program, OLC will help you achieve your objectives. Tutoring can be face to face or online.  ALL face to face meetings tutors and students are required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth. We follow the guidelines of our local authority (SGF, GCHD, and CDC).


  • Increase Skills in Reading, Comprehension, and writing.
  • Gain Confidence in your reading abilities and yourself.
  • Practice Reading – Prescriptions, Signs, Menus, Applications or other materials you want help reading.
  • Enter Higher ED – Get prepared to enter High School Equivalency Classes (Formerly GED), College and beyond.


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Develop a love for reading early

Early literacy programs are important in growing readers and helping children be ready for kindergarten. The Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) strives to make kids’ enthusiasm for reading expand beyond the classroom and into the child’s home.  OLC volunteers visit a Wonder Years classroom in Springfield each quarter.  Lessons for each visit are written to meet the developmental needs of students.  


In OLC’s 2018 Survey, 100% of parents reporting re-reading the books to their children and stated their child’s interest in reading had increased.

Reading Resource Plan

Classroom readers model fluency, encourage imagination, and introduces students to different genres and authors.  This year we are at Williams Elementary, #bookitmustangs. Volunteers read to a class on the third Wednesday of every month and send each child home with a free book. We also offer parent tips, class and individual incentives, and rewards for effort and enthusiasm.

Community Wide Special Events

OLC participates in many events to increase literacy skills and promote reading advocacy. Through community outreach and support from The United Way, the OLC can put books in empty hands. OLC regularly participates in: The United Way’s Day of Caring, Community Wide Play Day, Make a Difference Day, and Candy Land, among others.

Ozarks literacy council makes a difference!