A Book Reading Sonnet

Continuing the adventure, lost in the crisp flip

my imagination savors, elates in this new world.

Each turn of phrase — each syllable! — tightens the grip

inhaling deeply, noticing even my toes are curled.

Who cares about bills, dishes, mowing, or laundry

the fate of the universe will soon be at hand!

With each passing chapter, the character’s quandary—

flee in self-preservation or dare take a stand.

I dare not stop reading, how can good possibly win?

Evil’s advancing — who knew stories could be so dramatic?!

The plot bends, twists, and jolts, aid from an unlikely friend.

Victory at last! My heart’s now pounding quite erratic.

An epilogue teaser, the hero is now homeward bound.

I’m melancholy the book’s finished, yet a new part of me I’ve found.