Volunteer Spotlight

David Hersey

I have been a volunteer tutor for the Ozark Literacy Council since July of 2016. During this time, I have had the opportunity to tutor two twelve year old boys in reading. After being out of the classroom for over twenty years, it is certainly interesting. In 1990 I knew what kids were into but it is a different world today. But something is still the same: students with a desire to learn, questions that lead to understanding, the processing of information by a mind being awakened.

As a retired/disabled individual, I have always felt a need to give back to society in any way that I may. Volunteering is important to me, because I receive more from my involvement than I give. There is learning that is involved with preparation. There is interaction with learners. And there is satisfaction in helping another person in life. I can choose to either do nothing or to become involved with making a difference in some small way.

Reading is the key to education. I am a reader or I was….. I still read, but not like I used to. Something called optic neuritis that came with my multiple sclerosis changed my reading ability. I went from reading a book a day to reading a book a month. Physical things happen in life, and we must adapt to the changes that we all go through in life. But I have experienced what it is to loose [my] reading ability. It is my desire with the Ozark Literacy Council to open the door to reading for those who need assistance in using this key [reading] that will unlock many of the mysteries of life.